Data and Records Management Company

Data and Records Management Company

HITS Scanning Solutions is the Data and Records Management Company of Choice for Businesses Seeking Document Solutions

HITS Scanning Solutions offers industry-leading Data and Records Management Services to Companies throughout the United States

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HITS Scanning Solutions is the industry leading Data and Records Managment Company for Businesses seeking to convert their physical archives into an easier to manage electronic format. HITS provides document scanning services, cloud-based document storage solutions, document destruction and document conversion services that are designed to directly meet the needs of business searching for document scanning and document storing solutions.

The Data and Records Management Company you choose to digitize your documents should be as successful as your own firm or corporation. HITS Scanning Solutions has a proven track record of providing valuable and essential Data and Records Management Solutions for a variety of industries.

Our Process


HITS has an extensive process using an in-house developed document tracking application allowing for a fast and accurate check-in.


Staples, paper clips and all other interferences are removed as files are being organized. Once all files are in order, scanning can begin.


With HITS' high-speed scanners, the prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility.


For ease of identification, data can be indexed under your preferred criteria with the capability of using multiple index fields.


During the Quality Control process, all files are checked for accuracy and visibility to ensure the best quality scan.


The scanned images can be converted into many different compatible file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.


Media files are delivered in your preferred format and are easily accessible with one click; eliminating the need for physical storage space.


HITS provides secure and certified destruction of all files as part of your total conversion solution, providing you with ease of mind.

Data and Records Management Company

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    Instant Access

    Effective Data and Records Management Solutions require in-depth approaches to meet all of the needs of modern businesses. HITS Scanning Solutions is proud to provide its STR8VIEW cloud-based server so that your data and records can be accessed instantly regardless of your location.

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    Data Security

    HITS' STR8VIEW cloud-based data server is secured and protected to ensure that your sensitive and confidential documents remain confidential. STR8VIEW uses robust data protection and back up techniques, encrypts messages and documents in transit and at rest, and is also uses an intuitive and friendly interface.

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    Data Organization

    Data and Record Management is more than just converting physical files into an electronic format, it's also the efficient organization of those documents. With STR8VIEW, your documents will be stored in an order dictated by your needs so that they are easy to access the moment you need them.

Secured Documents

Securing sensitive business data is integral to the success of any company. Your private records and data need to remain private, and with our STR8VIEW cloud-based server, they will. Our service uses state-of-the-art encryption methods to ensure that your data is protected at all times, regardless of whether it's being accessed or idle in the server.

HITS Scanning Solutions has created an innovative secure cloud-based document management system that enhances the way you view and retrieve your documents. Our STR8VIEW server is accessible from any location that has internet connectivity. With our Data and Records Management Services, your documents will always be at hand and secure, the moment you need them.

Easy to Use

Data management and the retrieval of the data has to be easy and simple to use. With HITS Scanning Solutions, we make accessing your files easier and efficient, saving you time that you would normally spend sifting through physical files and mislabeled boxes. Our STR8VIEW server can be accessed at any location where you can find internet service, placing your scanned business documents and files within easy reach.

Physical documents are often not the best choice when traveling for business. Documents can become damaged, dirty, un-legible, or even destroyed in severe cases. Having an available, electronic format always ensures that your data and documents remain in the form that you can use.

Multiple Services

HITS Scanning is proud to be the Data and Records Management Company of choice for several major industries throughout the US. Our team is chosen because of the wide range of document imaging services we provide, which includes scanning employee files, medical records, accounts payable forms, tax forms, and the conversion of other sensitive documents.

HITS Scanning Solutions also specializes in secure data destruction, data migration, microfilm scanning, and other services that conveniently store and protect your tax file information for easy access. Reach out to HITS Scanning Solutions on our contact page for more information about our Data and Records Management capabilities and services.

History of Excellence

Consistent incredible service is key for any Data and Records Management Company. HITS Scanning Solutions is proud to provide exceptional and reliable service to all of its clients who are seeking document scanning and document imaging solutions, as well as solutions for document storage and converson.

We have provided Data and Records Management Services to a variety of clients in all industries and fields, whether it be medical, industrial, or other. You can read our reviews case studies to learn more about our history of success and past work. Contact HITS Scanning Solutions now if you have any questions about document scanning, document e-filing, or document storage solutions.


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