Medical History Form Scanning

Medical History Form Scanning

Professional Medical History Form Scanning Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

HITS Scanning Solutions is a premier provider of Medical History Form Scanning and other Services.

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Medical History Form Scanning is a lifesaver of its own. As a HIPAA compliant company, HITS Scanning Solutions provides full-service scanning, data migration, and document destruction to hospitals and healthcare facilities. The patient chart and medical history form scanning are becoming an increasingly important component regarding hospital organization and efficiency. It's our goal at HITS to reduce paper consumption, improve medical professionals' access to patient records, and offer clients a complete medical history form scanning solution. Contact HITS Today for more information about our healthcare scanning capabilities. We are a full HIPAA compliant business that offers effective solutions to a variety of industries.

The HITS Medical History Form Scanning and records scanning allows your healthcare facility to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Process


HITS has an extensive process using an in-house developed document tracking application allowing for a fast and accurate check-in.


Staples, paper clips and all other interferences are removed as files are being organized. Once all files are in order, scanning can begin.


With HITS' high-speed scanners, the prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility.


For ease of identification, data can be indexed under your preferred criteria with the capability of using multiple index fields.


During the Quality Control process, all files are checked for accuracy and visibility to ensure the best quality scan.


The scanned images can be converted into many different compatible file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.


Media files are delivered in your preferred format and are easily accessible with one click; eliminating the need for physical storage space.


HITS provides secure and certified destruction of all files as part of your total conversion solution, providing you with ease of mind.

Medical History Form Scanning

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    Fast Access

    With the HITS Login Portal and the STR8VIEW application, medical professionals can instantly access medical histories and other patient charts and forms. This improves a healthcare facility's efficiency and time management.

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    Data Security

    Losing records, charts, and other medical documents can be dangerous. Prevent your medical history forms from being destroyed or lost with HITS Scanning Solutions. Online storage also reduces clutter and wasted materials.

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    Prime Organization

    Digitize and organize your medical history forms and records with our scanning services. Storing data online makes it more accessible to your medical staff and makes it easier to organize. Contact HITS Today for more info.

HIPAA Compliant

HITS Medical History Form Scanning is a HIPAA compliant process that aims to protect sensitive patient information while meeting data storage regulations. We take pride in protecting information and ensuring your patients' rights.

A lot of trust is put into healthcare facilities, private practices, and hospitals. You can trust that HITS medical history form scanning, patient chart scanning, and other services are performed with the utmost care. We understand how important this information is and have secure systems in place that make these documents both accessible and safe. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our HIPPA compliant storage, data migration, and digitization processes.

Easy to Use

Healthcare documents can be easily stored, safeguarded, and accessed with HITS Scanning Solutions' STR8VIEW application. This allows you to digitize, view, and share documents from anywhere in the world.

Regarding medical history form scanning, our healthcare clients are able to reduce costs and paper waste by having documents in our protected cloud. You don't need to physically transport documents, further reducing costs and improving a healthcare facility's efficiency. We convert your healthcare documents (charts, EKG strips, and medical history forms) into our always-accessible digital platform. Cloud-based-storage is the safest and easiest way to secure medical and patient information.

Multiple Services

While medical history form scanning is a large part of HITS Scanning Solutions, we provide the healthcare industry with a number of other services. HITS guarantees convenient, low-cost solutions that are tailored to your business' needs.

A few of our other document services include blueprint and microfilm scanning, data migration, secure data destruction, and easy-to-access documents on our STR8VIEW application. You can depend on our medical history form scanning and other services to get the job done the right way the first time. Please contact us today if you have any additional questions or want to learn more about our past successes with clients throughout the country.

History of Excellence

Our case studies go to show how diverse our client base and projects have been over the years. We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations, especially when it comes to sensitive healthcare data and accesible, safe storage solutions.

Medical History Form Scanning, organization, destruction, and safe sharing are among our top priorities at HITS Scanning Solutions. We focus on solving your data needs so you can get back to saving lives. The HITS process ensures quick, efficient scanning and data management. Call HITS Now to speak to a representative and learn more about medical document scanning. We promise to help your healthcare facility become more organized and effective to ensure quality patient care.


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