Accounting Document Scanning

Accounting Document Scanning

Accounting Document Scanning Solutions to Simplify Archiving Data

HITS Scanning Solutions offers industry-leading Accounting Document Scanning Services to Business throughout the United States

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Securing and managing accounting documents is a concern that modern businesses face. Regulations may require that businesses hold sensitive documents for a period of years which can lead to the costly and inefficient storing of documents in warehouses, and can also lead to increased operation costs because of the time required to find document archived this way. HITS Scanning Solutions provides efficient and reliable Accounting Document Scanning Services to Modern Business that want to revolutionize and simplify their document archiving processes.
Archiving Accounting Documents through the electronic scanning systems HITS employs allows Accounting and HR Departments to quickly access business and employee documents saving valuable time and increasing productivity. The industry-leading scanning solutions designed and implemented by HITS can be directly tailored to the needs of any business and can scan all modern Accounting and HR Documents.

The Accounting Document Scanning Services that HITS Scanning provides allow Accounting Firms and Business to focus on their operations while also having effective and reliable electronic document archives

Our Process


HITS has an extensive process using an in-house developed document tracking application allowing for a fast and accurate check-in.


Staples, paper clips and all other interferences are removed as files are being organized. Once all files are in order, scanning can begin.


With HITS' high-speed scanners, the prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility.


For ease of identification, data can be indexed under your preferred criteria with the capability of using multiple index fields.


During the Quality Control process, all files are checked for accuracy and visibility to ensure the best quality scan.


The scanned images can be converted into many different compatible file formats such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc.


Media files are delivered in your preferred format and are easily accessible with one click; eliminating the need for physical storage space.


HITS provides secure and certified destruction of all files as part of your total conversion solution, providing you with ease of mind.

Accounting Document Scanning

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    Instant Access

    At HITS Scanning Solutions, we prioritize secure data storage and efficient access. Our clients can access accounting records and employee tax forms from anywhere, which allows business operations to be streamlined and for information to be retrieved quickly. Our Instant Access software is perfect for accounting and HR documents.

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    Data Security

    Accounting Documents have to be securely stored to protect vital business and employee information. The specialists at HITS Scanning Solutions are dedicated to protecting and securing business information throughout the entire accounting document scanning process, and also offer data migration and data destruction for clients throughout the country.

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    Data Organization

    Data organization is central to the needs of Accounting Firms and HR Departments. HITS Scanning solution takes the old business docments stored in folders and on shelves and scans them into an electronic format that is easy to use and organize. If your organization needs accounting document scanning solutions, call or contact HITS Scanning now.

Secured Documents

Protecting sensitive information is paramount to accounting document scanning. Personal information such as tax forms, wage information, social security, and other private details need to remain private. The process that HITS Scanning uses ensures that all accounting document information remains private.

HITS Scanning only uses advanced and secured databases to protect your sensitive accounting information. Our clients have come to rely upon our scanning and database storage services for their downsizing and data preservation needs, while also enjoying the ease of use that our online systems provide. For more information regarding out accounting document scanning and storing, speak with our experts today.

Easy to Use

Accounting Firms, HR Departments, and management teams rely on the quick retrieval and access of documents to complete daily tasks and make integral business decisions. With the Accounting Document Scanning services provided by HITS Scanning, these documents are easy to retrieve and compile.

Accessing information at any time from any place on the globe is essential to any accounting firm or business. We have designed our system to be user-friendly and simple, placing the documents you need within your reach so that you can make important decisions in a timely manner. Let us know how we can improve your business' efficiency.

Multiple Services

Accounting Document Scanning and digitizing history forms, tax files, employee profiles, charts, and other accounting documents is one among many of our capabilities. HITS Scanning has provided document conversion solutions to several different industries, including the medical industry, legal field, distribution companies, as well as other fields that need document storing and scanning solutions.

HITS Scanning Solutions specializes in secure data destruction, data migration, microfilm scanning, and other services that conveniently store and protect your information for easy access. Reach out to HITS Scanning Solutions on our contact page for more information about our capabilities and services.

History of Excellence

Efficient and reliable accounting document scanning services give accounting and HR teams the ability to do their work faster, and more efficiently. This is what drives HITS Scanning to provide the high level of service that our clients rely upon.

We have provided Accounting Document Scanning and other services to a variety of clients in and outside of the accounting and human resources field. You can read our reviews case studies to learn more about our history of success and past work. Contact HITS Scanning Solutions now if you have any questions about document scanning, document e-filing, or document storage solutions.


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